keskiviikko 16. huhtikuuta 2014

Mad weave Anyam Gila Tähtiporras

Neljä päivää meni tosi nopeasti mad weaven parissa!  Kurssin järjesti Basketmakers' Association Yorkissa Englannissa. Opettajana Linda Mowat, mad weaven historiaa tutkinut ja samalla luomassa mad weavesta jotakin ihan uutta.

Kirjoitin muutaman kommentin brittiläisen punojien yhdistyksen lehteen:

Anyam Gila – a mad-weave week in York, it was so fascinating. Can you find the three strips to go under? Where are they? And when you finally find them and you see stars and diamonds and floating cubes you will feel like a winner.

But that was not all Linda Mowat gave us. Her talk about the history of the mad weave, a goblin Sang Kelembai with his baskets, the women in prison making anyam gila and finally the pictures of Linda’s newest mad weave art which I was fortunate to see -  it all told us how thoroughly she has dedicated herself to this technique. I deeply appreciate her work and look forward to seeing what will happen in the world of mad weave next!

I found the combination of the five courses arranged at the same time splendid. It created interesting views on various basketry fields: two excellent professionals in willow work, traditional birch bark work with extra information about Russian birch bark work, contemporary bark art and mad weave that still is less familiar. These fields of basketry have rich and inspiring history and I believe they all will go on giving us new ideas to work with. 

Omia aikaansaannoksiani Yorkissa
My mad weave made in York

Samanaikaisesti oli käynnissä myös neljä muuta kurssia.  Kaksi pajutyökurssia, opettajina loistavat ammattilaiset:  englantilainen Jenny Crisp
Anne-Mette Hjörnholm Tanskasta. 
Tuohityökurssin opettajan oli Jonas Hasselrot Ruotsista ja 
opetti kuorikurssilla.

Teachers on the other courses:  willow courses taught by Jenny Crisp and Anne-Mette Hjörnholm, birch bark by Jonas Hasselrot and bark by Maggie Smith.

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